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Our Starters

All our starters are made with local products, and fresh products from the market.

Flamboire Signature Salad


Green salad, hot goat cheese on toast, hand sliced Aveyron sausage, roasted on a wood fire

Causse Noir Salad


Green salad, hot Roquefort cheese on toast, walnuts, hand sliced Aveyron sausage, roasted on a wood fire

Goat and its Cheese in Meadow


Green salad, hot goat cheese on toast

Flamboire-style mushroom saprophyte


Green salad, hot Roquefort on toast, pieces of Roquefort, walnut kernels

House duck foie gras


Lightly-cooked at 110°C in our cast-iron AGA oven

Flamboire Terrine


Pork shoulder, Calf tongue, pork throats, poultry livers

Aveyron Cured Meats Platter


Hand-sliced Aubrac dried sausage, Flamboire terrine, Aubrac beef chorizo, Aveyron Jesus dried sausage, Ham matured for 18-months, Wild boar ham

Platter of Cheeses and Aveyron Cured Meats


Hand-sliced Aubrac dried sausage, Flamboire terrine, Aubrac beef chorizo, Aveyron Jesus dried sausage, Ham matured for 18-months, Wild boar ham, Laguiole, Roquefort, Larzac goat

Our Snails in their Pan


Our Wood-Fired Meats

Our Choice of Beef Ribs for two people
between 1 Kg and 1,2 Kg according to the arrivals.

The Classic Ribs depending on availability


The Excellence Ribs depending on availability


The Matured Ribs depending on availability


Our french breeds

Conquet-style Aubrac

The Aubrac is a high volcanic and granite plateau in the southern Massif central, the meeting point of three French administrative regions: Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon and Auvergne

The Blonde d’Aquitaine

The blonde d’Aquitaine is a cattle breed of the south west of France

The Rouge des Prés

he Rouge des prés (meadow red) is a French cattle breed formerly called Maine Anjou. It comes from the west of France (Anjou and Maine), and more precisely the Domaine des Rues at Chenillé-Changé, in Maine-et-Loire, which belongs to Maison de Rougé

The Normande

The normande is a French cattle breed from Normandy

The Charolaise

The charolaise is a French cattle breed from the region of Charolles in Burgundy

The Limousine

The limousine is a hardy French cattle breed from the Limousin. The Limousin is a French region made up of the three departments of la Corrèze, la Creuse and la Haute-Vienne. It is located entirely in the Massif central, in its north-western part

Our world breeds

The (Black) Angus

It comes from the the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland. It results from the mixing in 16th century of the mainly black breeds the “Angus doddie” and “Buchan humlie”. It has a uniform coat that can be dark red (red Angus) or black (black Angus), although white may appear on the udder. The mucous membrane is black

The other Ribs on Grill

Farm-style Veal Rib


(around 500g)

Aveyron or Noir de Bigorre Pork Chop


(around 500g to 700g)

Lamb cutlets


(3 cutlets)

The other meats



(around 200g to 300g)
A chateaubriand is a piece of beef cut from the fillet of between two and four centimetres thick. There are two opposing uncertain hypotheses about the origin and spelling of the word:
1) The term refers to the writer François-René de Chateaubriand whose cook, Montmireil, according to the Larousse gastronomique was the creator of the Grillade de bœuf à la Chateaubriand. The name is doubtful for it seems to have appeared only about thirty years after the writer’s death.
2) The differently spelled “Chateaubriant” refers to the town of Chateaubriant in Loire-Atlantique whose cattle and cattle market are renowned.

WholeDuck Breast


Rib-Eye Boneless


(around 350g to 400g)


Whole Aubrac Veal Kidney grilled on a wood fire


The French term “rognon” is used for an animal’s kidney whereas “rein” is used for a human’s

Hand-prepared Troyes chitterling sausage


Chittlerling sausage is a French cured meat with a long-fluctuating definition. It is currently made of parts of the pig’s digestive tract

Our Fishes

Ordered 24 hours in advance: Wild sea bass between 1.4 and 1.7 kg for two people, price according to the weight.

Sea Bass Portion


(400 to 600g)

Wild sea bass


(600g and over)

Gambas Skewer


(5 gambas 16 to 20 to the kg)

St. Jacques shells


(5 to 8 according to size and only in season)

Our Cheeses



(Choice of 1 piece between: Brie of Meaux, Laguiole, Goat, Roquefort + 2€)

The plate of Cheeses


(4 pieces: Brie of Meaux, Larzac Goat, Roquefort and Laguiole)

Our Desserts

All our desserts are house made!

The Flaune Millavoise with walnuts


The basic ingredient is the ewe whey obtained from heating the whey that comes from making Roquefort cheese. The whey will be mixed with some eggs, a little milk and crème fraîche. The mixture is perfumed with orange blossom.

Crème brulée


With Bourbon vanilla

Red fruit verrine


Fruit red coulis coated with smooth mascarpone and fresh red fruit

Panacotta verrine


Carambar-Nougat with its caramel chip

Chocolate mousse


(72% cacao)

Coffee or Tea Gourmand (supp 1,5€)


Mini verrine with red fruit, mini crème brulée, mini chocolate mousse

Glass of Champagne Gourmande


Mini verrine with red fruit, mini crème brulée, mini chocolate mousse



Choice of three balls: (Blackcurrent, lemon, mango, raspberry)